The very first episode of Go On. In this episode we're introduced to Ryan King and the rest of his world.


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Ryan tries to get back to work just one moth after his wife died but his produces don't think this is a good idea, so he makes Ryan go to a therapy group to people who had life changes. As Ryan is a competitive person he soon does what he likes and starts a competition between the people in the group to see who has the worst problems. Dispite this funny moment, Ryan is reluctant to accept that he needs treatment to deal with his loss.

He doesn't like the therapy because he says it's not the way to solve their kind of problem. He says that instead of talking about the problems they should act and try to move on with their lifes. Laura thinks Ryan is using humor to deflect the pain(just as much Chandlers used to did on Friends) and the problems are going to explode violently some time. So, she refuses to sign the paper which dismiss Ryan from the sessions. Ryan insistis that what he really needs is get back to work and not the sessions and conveces Laura to sign "his thing"(better known as the paper that says he's capable of working).

But, as Laura said, on the first day he has a break up and throws fruits on a he guest who is driving and texting on the same time. Turns out that Janie, his wife, was texting while driving and that caused her car accident. After that Ryan decides to go back to the group sessions and tells the truth about how his wife died.

The episodes ends with them running after a google street view car dressed with medieval cloths.